What's left when the show is over..

Dead Tour 09 - Day 1

So we jumped on the bus at Albany.  This was the first of 8 shows over 10 days, and the first time I'd seen the Core4 together in Albany since 1990 @ the Knickerbocker.

While some things have changed, a lot has remained the same.  I remember thinking as we entered the lot scene, the LAST time I was here, I was still older than a lot of the kids I saw last night, and that was when Jerry was still around.

Denez has these tour shirts that are spot on.  The Dead AARP Tour, 2009.

True dat.  I look in the hotel as we're checking in today (day 2) and there's these gray hairs in front of us checking in.  And the one guy turns out to be a principle at a high school.  He's got his admin assistant with him, his IT network guy, and all these guys from one school, all here to see the Dead.  They were joking "don't let anyone know we're here".  Indeed.

So on to the shoot.  Last night was beyond weird.  I had my camera rig in my backpack rather than my belt pack, figuring it'd hold up better in a tight crowd with a lot of people slamming.

I get to security, and the guy politely informs me that while they have no issue with my camera gear, I can't take my backpack in?  WTF?  This was a first.  The camera's ok, but the bag has to go.  Righty ho.  I run back to the car all the way on the other side of Rockefeller Plaza, get my 5D MK II out, plop the 70-200 on and leave the rest in the car.  What a mess.  No spare batteries, and in my rush I didn't think to get my spare CF cards.  I'm so used to everything being right at hand that this "bagless" shoot completely took me out of sync with my normal routine.

So it goes.  12 blocks back to the venue (no seriously winded, and making a mental note, that at some point, God forbid, I might even get too old for this shit).  The boys were already well into the first set.   I managed to get some reasonable shots, not my best stuff, but it was the first time I'd shot any of these guys in an Arena in a VERY long time (I don't count festivals as arenas, they're a different beast altogether).

This morning in the hotel, as a first, I managed to plow through last nights shots AND get the website edited to post them.  Those who know me, know I like to take my time going through the shots and generally scrutinize the hell out of them.  So ok, we'll do it different this go round.  Blitzkrieg mode on.  

An hour later, the photos are picked, resized, and integrated into the site.  

I attempt the FTP push.  Hm.  The fine quality Hilton's Wifi could pass for a couple orange juice cans with a string in between them.  We're talking sub dialup speeds, hell sub acoustic coupled terminal speeds.  

So here I was, all happy that I'd have broken personal land speed record for update times, and only to be held captive by piss poor connectivity.  Sigh.

It is what it is.