What's left when the show is over..

Greetings from Laguardia, Vibes Bound


Yet another festival begins.

This time, we're off to Bridgeport, CT for the 2009 Gathering of The Vibes.

It's always important to make sure you have your ground transportation arrangements made in advance.

Only in NYC will one find somebody ballsy enough to palm a running stogie INSIDE the airport.

And of course, you always need to know where your spoon is.

ETA to Vibes? Who kn0ws. This is, after all, NYC, where the traffic moves at a snail's pace.

Rest assured, we will arrive.

Rothbury, Day 2

Was a bit more relaxed, and I had a bit of time to walk around and just sort of absorb the event.

And what a remarkable day it was.

I got quite a bit of stuff, and will try to just get you a feel of the event.

As the attendees had a day to sort of get their bearings (while I'm sure there are a LOT of returnees from last year, there are an awful lot of first timers here as well), the "flavor" of Rothbury 2009 began to emerge.

Meeting old friends (my buddy here shoots for a Canadian newspaper, and we shot Rothbury last year together, as well as running into each other on Dead tour). That part is really cool for me.

Words can't do justice, but those that come to mind include exuberance, joyous and by the end of the night, epic.

The Rothbury "educate while having fun" subtext that I so loved last year is still present everywhere. Here they had a human powered cell phone charging station. Elsewhere they had solar ones as well.

Denaz' spring tour shirts kept cropping up. To me, the "AARP Tour 2009" was really the best part.

But the crown of the evening was unquestionably SCI's "only performance of the year".

These guys haven't been out on the road for a while now. But you'd never know it. I didn't know what to expect, but they just blew the house down..

At some point I may be able to describe it, but at this point I can't find the right combination of words to do SCI's show justice. Suffice to say, that if these guys ever decide to tour again, it will be a must see for me. Some things you hear so much back and forth on, that it's best to hold judgement, experience it for yourself, and then call the ball. Last night, it was pretty apparent that the folks who had come to North Michigan had decided en masse, and for those of us fortunate enough to have been there, it was spectacular.

A friend of mine who was with me whose been listening to the Dead for a solid 30 years and had never seen SCI, was just stunned. File us amongst the "SCI owns" camp in a big way.

We caught a bit of STS9 who were in their favorite late night time slot, serving up their usual mass trance dance fest in fine fashion. We also caught a bit of Girl Talk, and they were cooking with steam as well.

However with a remarkably full shedule on tap for today, us old pharts called it quits for the evening to have some reserve left for tonights Dead show.


Rothbury, Day 1

So we got here pretty easily. The line in was a bit longer than last year, but not too bad.

Mikey and Dani were having some operational difficulties with the portable hotel.

We missed Keller, so first up for us was Lotus.

Next up, The Disco Biscuits. Pat Hutchinson got an absolutely spectacular mix last night. Even hundreds of feet from the stage very solid low end in the 60hz and under was kicking it.

Sherwood forest was every bit the delight I remember from last year.


The Greencards, From Threadgills, Round 2.

Man, I just LOVE these guys.

Seriously. They're just fuggin amazing.

If you're getting this now, go google KGSR in Austin, and hit the stream.


And Again, From Threadgills, The Greencards

Oh yeah. They just stomped the HELL out of the The Avenue.

By the way, you can listen to this show live by going to KTSR in Austin's website. WELL worth doing.

Live From Threadgils, Austin TX - Sarah Jaroscz

For the second night in a row, I'm on the road with Sarah Jaroscz and the Greencards. This time we're coming to you from Threadgills, in Austin TX.

Sarah's on right now, playing cuts off her debut CD on Sugar Hill records.


Ok, and this I just had to...

So here we have my little MiniTosh laptop on a bar table, with this very site up and shots of The Greencards ON it while they are playing at the very club the shots were taken less than 5 minutes prior.

Dunno why, but this seriously gets my geek on.


Break out the Jams

Ok, so now we have got Sarah Jarosz sitting in with The Greencards, and she and Kym are just ripping it up big time.

The crowd is just eating this up. I haven't seen this much animation in Dallas from such a mellow appearing audience since the last time Junior Brown laid waste to Sons of Herman Hall.


And Now (like RIght Now), The Greencards

Back stage, right before going on.

As I'm writing this, The Greencards are just NAILING the title Track to Fascination, off the new Album. I've waited for months to hear these folks live, and wow. Absolutely unreal. I was seriously impressed with Viridian and Fascination (the last two studio releases) but they don't even begin to do The Greencards justice.

If you have a chance to catch them on this tour, get there. Seriously. I'm just blown away. Ok, enough of this, I gotta just sit for a bit. They are just too damn good.


Ok, now this is just freaky. I just checked the admin page, and these posts have had 936 hits, which is more people than are actually watching them play as I write this.

All hail tEh IntRaWebz.
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The Live Remote Test

So I'm at Poor David's Pub, right now, in South Dallas, listening to the delightful and wonderfully talented Sugar Hill Records artist Sarah Jarosz as she's opening for The Greencards.

What's different about this as opposed to most of the stuff we do on the site, is that the photos below are less than 5 minutes old, and I have no wifi here whatsoever, no my normal Mac Laptop.

In fact, the entire rig this is being produced on is less than the size of most small purses.

This is an experiment to see if we can pull this off WHILE the band is playing.

As I type this Sarah is talking to the crowd, and is breaking int0 yet another new song of her Debut release. I last saw her perform at SxSW, and she is amazing talented.

So as the evening progresses, we'll be occasionally updating this.

Huge thanks to Sarah and The Greencards for being my Guinea Pigs on this experiment.